August 26, 2017  12 noon - 8:00 p.m.

Admission $3 person up to $12 for groups


David Rogers Country Fair is a living history festival covering 1840’s - 1880’s. Experience lives of the pioneer era, through Civil War, to celebrate National Day of the Cowboy. Enjoy games, period entertainments, and food. There are special and skills to try. Highlights include the pie eating contest, fast draw for winning the Golden Gun, and the Folk Dance.

2016 program schedule

sponsored by

Farmers State Bank

Phillips House stage                                Hay Barn Stage

    12 noon  Back Porch Swing Band

                                                                   12:30    Faire Wynds Entertainers

     1:15    Back Porch Swing Band

                                                                     1:30    Punch & Judy

     2:00    cowboy joke contest                               by Mousetrap Puppets


     3:00    Back Porch Swing Band

                                                                     3:30    Virginia’s Vermin flea circus

     4:00    Cap Gun Fast Draw

                                                                     4:30    Faire Wynds Entertainers

     5:00    Pie Eating Contest

                                                                     5:30    Punch & Judy

                                                                                by Mousetrap Puppets

Wilkinson House

     12:00-3:00  Suite Strings Dulcimers and More

Phillips House stage

     6:00-8:00    Square Dance, music by Back Porch Swing Band

Cap Gun Fast Draw - youth and adults get a chance to compete for the Golden Gun.

Pie Eating Contest - participants are chosen by lottery to down as much pie as you can before time is up.

Square Dance - kick your heels to live music and caller leading early American dances.

2017 sponsors


Please thank our generous sponsors of David Rogers Days Country Fair

    Nishikawa Cooper

    Frurip-May Funeral Home

    Farmers State Bank

    TEEM Trading

    E&S Sales

    James Townsend and Sons


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